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Our founder




Company Founder Mr.Nihat Mertoğlu was born on 3 October 1960 (58) in Ankara , who started his football career in Petrol Ofisi at the age of 16, received a transfer offer from Mechanical and Chemical Industry Company for business. Mertoğlu started to work as a worker in the Mechanical and Chemical Industry Company. At the age of 19, he continued working and playing football. In 1979, Mertoğlu switched to work only at Mechanical and Chemical Industry Company, he explained the reason for this by saying that a permanent job or team-work is more attractive. He married in 1984. He was going to Istanbul on the blue train on weekends .When he returned, he was selling the shirts, t-shirts and sweaters he bought according to his style to his friends in Mechanical and Chemical Industry Company. Thus, business life began there. Mertoğlu, who is very confident in marketing, started to manufacture "Trash Bins" by assembling, was the turning point of his commercial life. Mertoğlu later reached his goal and paved the way from the small workshop to the factory.