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Our quality, environment and OHS politicies

Our quality, environment and OHS politicies

Our quality, environment and OHS politicies
Since its foundation, Mertoğlu has always put the following values as priority within legal and customer conditions;

  • Continious improving
  • Customer satısfaction
  • Product/service quality
  • Humanity and environment
To accomplish this ambition it has adapted the following principles;:

  • To protect the environment, air, water and human health
  • Full accordance to legal regulations
  • Establish the integrated management, implement it effectively and ensure its continuity
  • Avoid environmental pollution and gain maximum recycling by reducing and separating waste at source
  • Guard the safety and health of the workers, company and production.

Starting from our head management  we are committed to work in accordance with these working conditions and we are based on the total participation and full support of our personnel working for this purpose.
Our quality policy
Overcoming sectoral problems and always producing quality services and projects for our customers. While determining our quality policy, we could not ignore these main lines and ways of overcoming them.
  • Meeting customer needs and expectations in the best way
  • At every stage of the activities, to bring solutions to the problems with all flexibility (without staying stuck within cliches), if necessary, to give a different direction to the project
  • Raising the bar higher while providing products and services
  • To offer products and services that prioritize human safety
  • To understand the realities of customers and to serve them at the right time and at a satisfactory price
  • To understand customer needs well and to produce permanent and fast solutions
  • Continuous improvement of the efficiency of the quality management system

Mertoğlu adopts it as a quality policy and makes maximum effort in the implementation of these substances.
Our environmental policy
Mertoğlu accepts as a company principle to give priority to the least affected and polluted environment in every step it takes and all the activities it carries out.
It has adopted the principle of leaving a clean environment to future generations by complying with the existing regulations and legislations, using the most environmentally compatible materials and technology within the framework of the possibilities provided by the project budgets, and providing continuous improvement in protecting the environment and preventing pollution in every new project. 
Within the scope of this  Company Policy  Mertoglu Cevre Tasarim has determined below company objectives:
Compliance to the Law and Regulations
Mertoğlu Çevre Tasarım examines the legal environmental legislation in the projects ,undertakes and takes maximum care to fulfill all sanctions.
Conservation of Natural Resources
Mertoğlu Cevre Tasarim ensures that natural and other resources are used and protected in the most appropriate way in its methods and activities in all contracting works.
Keeping Solid and Hazardous Wastes Under Control
Mertoğlu Çevre Tasarım keeps the hazardous wastes under control and maintains the impacts of this wastes at a minimum level.
Conciousness Raising and Participation
In addition to raising awareness of itd own employees and subcontractors about the environment, Mertoğlu Çevre Tasarim ensures the protection of it and adds value to the environment by acting  in cooperation with employers,suppliers and other stakeholders.
Environmental Pollution Prevention
Mertoğlu Çevre Tasarım with the help of the systems and the methods it applies, eliminates or minimizes the risks of contamination that may adversely affect the environment and prevents the spread of potential pollution.
All our employees and relevant parties are perspicuously made aware of our environmental policy.Our policies and targets are reviewed periodically and the   management programme is constantly updated.
Occupational Health and Safety

While Mertoğlu Cevre Tasarim conducts its  activities, it aims to protect the occupational health and safety of employees and to continuously improve the working environment. With this awareness, it undertakes to provide and maintain the following issues.:
  • To ensure continuous improvement in OHS issues.
  • To eliminate occupational health and safety risks by taking preventive actions.
  • Providing trainings to ensure that direct company staff and subcontractors employed are aware of their individual OHS responsibilities.
  • Environment, Occupational Safety and Employee Health Management Programs created for Mertoğlu Environmental Design departments are defined in the process given below.