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Rhythmic Ball

Rhythmic Ball

Rhythmic Ball

The Rhythmic Ball is available in different colours.
High quality, durable coating, high quality materials.
No external power easy to install durable safe

How does it work?

This Playful Ball is super durable, because by turning the hand crank children will generate energy by themselves! The USB stick determines whether you purchase a Rhythmic Ball or Story Ball.
Rhythmic Ball: 
After you turn the crank, the Rhythmic Ball will play well-known children’s songs, so everyone can sing along. An essential element in the development of children 
is in fact music. Music helps the development of physical, emotional, social and cognitive skills.
The Rhythmic Ball will make you want to dance and sing,  
so it’s a cheerful way for children to develop!
Singing and dancing are more than just fun!StoryBall: 
By listening your imagination is activated. 
Fantasy makes fl exible thinking possible, which creates an imagination. Imagination is the basis for inspiration, new ideas and development.


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