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High quality, durable coating, high quality materials
Safety zone should be at least 6.0 x 6.0 meters

Power Connection:
The Spider runs at harmless low voltage and may be connected to solar or wind energy devices. At normal action the con-sumption is approx. 30W. Spider switches automatically to stand-by condition where the power consumption is at a minimum. 

The satellite is weather-resistant and 100% waterproof. Made from a sturdy plastic material free from phthalates and tested to sustain very heavy blows. Thus it fully complies with the sturdiness demands for playground equipment.

Stainless steel 304 / galvanized and pow-der coated steel) and Combination Rope +FC -Steel wire strands covered with PP multi fibres (Galvanized T/S:1770Nmm2)

A Spider Invasion In the Streets

SPIDER is one of the biggest interactive play equip-ment.  It is a great sculptural construction which appe-als to many child profiles - including children who are not used to being physically active.
Spider consists of a traditional climbing frame with built-in satellites forming one big social, interactive computer motivating for play and social activity. Children at all ages will seek to examine the play opti-ons offered by the Spider, and the adaptive games will make them play more intense and for longer times. Spider is designed primarily for children at the age of 6 to 15 years, however, experience has proved that also elder children and playful adults enjoy playing at the Spider.

Spider is provided inclusive of a ready-to-go game package of 5 games and may be updated with new plays and games. All games are adaptive, meaning the game played will automatically adapt to the level of the players. This leads to continuous playing and exciting challenges for everyone

Reaction- Train the players’ reaction time and overview when they compete to turn off the highest number of lights. Players will see how fast they can perceive and react to various lights and sounds. Good for motor skills and perception of the children. 

Mind- Test the players’ memory by creating an electronic version of “Simon Says”. Remember the path of light and climb to extra difficult levels. 

Team Up- Train the players’ ability to cooperate and their reaction time, by letting teams compete to achieve the best result. Different colors light up. You should cooperate and find the matching color pair. You have 20 se-conds to complete the game where after it tells you how many color pairs you were able to get before the game ended. Fun, social and cooperative.

E-Squash- Beat you best friend or dad in a game of Squash. The game is adaptive and will adjust speed to level of the players. High speed game for two or four players. Length of the game depends on the player’s ability. Best out 3 points wins the game.

Music Mode– When no other games are chosen, the e-Wall buttons will work as different instruments, letting players create a wide range of music and sounds.


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