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Duki Series Playground Equipment Mdk-705

Duki Series Playground Equipment Mdk-705

Use Zone   Use Zone: 4,2x6,0 m
Safety Zone   Safety Zone: 5,7x5,5 m
Height   Height: 3,0 m
Materials   Materials: Hdpe,Hpl,Metal Profile, Stainless sheet metal
Wood   Wood: Plywood
User Capacity   User Capacity: Up to 8 Children

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Hdpe,Hpl,Metal Profile, Stainless sheet metal


Playgrounds are likely to be among the most important furnitures of cities. They take on the very essential duties of increasing physical activities of our children, enabling them to spend time outdoors, supporting their mental and physical coordination and increasing their social skills.
While doing this, they also have to appeal to them visually and they are responsible for providing safe spaces. Playgrounds have a determinant role in aesthetics of neighborhoods, streets and parks. Their integration to the natural and built environment is essential. Today, playgrounds which aren’t eyesores, are without unnecessary details and with systems which rule out safety endangering mounting features are being accepted…
Duki was designed with all these aspects under consideration; the result is an environmental-friendly, appealing, creative, safe, sound, neat and unpre-cedented product. Duki does not use a circular post, instead it introduces a post in which all mounting is solved. The design has been supported with a various material usage. The variety is both in material as in the compounds implementations.
Duki has added a product which is unique with its solutions, excellent with its details compliant with the environment, safe for our children and an unprecedented system.

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